Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Electric Boogaloo

This is part 2 to my post on the xs650 Boyer Bransden up-grade ignition, I have just been waiting for the last piece of the electric jigsaw puzzle from Germany (good name for a magic mushroom fueled psychedelic band). Been on a proper world tour of the interweb researching up-grades to the XS650 Alternator (the original of which, isn't great).
Short version of the travel diary is: I absorbed everything written by pioneer Mr Riggs of Go Fast For Less, including any forum post written by him, but eventually all roads lead to Hugh Owings of Hughes Handbuilt. If you want to save yourself a LOT of time faffing about on eBay, just to save a few pennies (like I did) - and still not know if all the bits you amassed are correct and in working order, then just buy one of his ready-made kits. Unbeatable value.
The Sparx version made in England by Tri-Cor, looks like it takes a technological step further, and if you are in the UK (or Europe) it would be a saving on the killer shipping from the States of the HH one.
So fingers crossed my DIY parts (from top left) Yamaha RD250LC stator, RD350YPVS rotor (instead of the Banshee quadbike one everybody in the States uses), 350VYPS Regulator-Rectifier, and Karlheinz Droste adaptor plate, all sing in harmony to create a powerful and reliable 3-phase constant magnet alternator...BP


bla said...

Just saw your post. Maybe you did not know these guys:

Their ignitions are top notch.

Wish you all the best for all your projects.


Sideburn Magazine said...

Thanks for the info Mart
& no I had not heard of Power Dynamo before.

Nick said...

It's all bloody smoke and Mirrors to me