Friday, 6 April 2012

Guido and Sue - Sue's Slack

Sue has taken the opportunity to get Guido on his own, clearly with a view to seduction, but as ever, Guido is blind to it all. I mean, who could fail to see the symbolism in Sue's firm grip and lever frottage, explicit references to free play and excess slack and her feigned inability to control the situation. Come on Guido! Check her nipples, get some lube down there and twiddle that adjuster.
As culled from 'Motorcycles. Maintain Your Own Machine' (1977) by top journalists Guido Bettiol and Vic Willoughby, with artwork by George Domenech. MP


747 said...

lube is key. in all situations.

andrewdavidtaylor said...

I would like to think that at Sue's age, there wouldn't be need for artificial lubrication aids. I'm pretty sure Sue's parts are running freely with no fear of potential friction damage or seizure.

Anonymous said...

When will Sue learn that to really get Guido's attention, she has to use the right tool