Sunday, 15 April 2012

Chopper Race Preparation

Taken from the Full Frokkul Fiasco blog of Sideburn's Entertainments Officer, Dave Skooter Farm...

The fast approaching DIRT QUAKE race event is any UK rider's one-time opportunity to come strings attached. It will be a one night stand of exhilaration, fear and a true sense of accomplishment.

Whatever bike you can lay your hands on, we've got a suitable class for you to race it in. Novice, street-tracker/street-scrambler, inappropriate road bike and chopper classes.

Here's what was lurking in my shed. Given to me over 15 years ago... a crusty, unloved Suzuki GS750 hardtail chopper. I say 'hardtail' but what I really mean is 2 iron bars bolted into where the rear shocks should be.

My mates, Pitstop Paul and his lad Pitstop Kev dropped by today to make initial steps to get her running for the big day. When I acquired the bike in the last century, it was running. However, it seems to be missing a rectifier and the wiring loom looks like it was put together over the phone by Peters and Lee. The overall standard of engineering is so poor and's almost perverse.

I'm not gonna race this bike personally. I'm already racing my Rotax in both the club meeting 11am-4pm and then in the GNC at 7pm which is more than enough considering I'm suffering with a hernia. The deal is if they can get it running then Pitstop Paul can race it in the Chopper class.....I'm positive I'll get far more pleasure watching a newbie at the helm representing Skooter Farm/Sideburn than riding it myself. If Paul decides not to race... I've already got a subsitute. A guy who's last legitimate occupation was being fired out of a cannon in a stunt show!

The Pitstoppers left undaunted with a small shopping list: coils, plugs, plug caps, air filters and a rectifier.
Work continues next week.

I hope this post inspires folks who toy with the romantic notion of being a motorcycle racer to stop fantasizing and make it a reality...even if it's just for one evening.

Remember....Ride it like you borrowed it!


Nick said...

Looks like there's plenty of work going on, looking forward to it

Mick P said...

"the wiring loom looks like it was put together over the phone by Peters and Lee". Great line.