Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hot Dock Panhead Road Racer

This bike made me say a quiet 'Wow' when I came across it. So, it seems to me, though I'm no old Harley expert, that this is a Panhead in a rigid frame (no shit), with springer forks that are the same age as the engine, but more modern road race drum brakes. It's a CJ-style XR tank and an XR seat, painted in WWII Luftwaffe colours. Borrani-style rims wear modern-ish rubber and look great. And that is a monstrous flatslide carb. I think this bike was built by Hot Dock, who we first came across back in 2008 (Hot Dock 8V racer). It threw its primary belt off at the Tsubuku track. I can't imagine what it's like to hustle around a twisty circuit with those straight bars, low seat and high mid controls, but it looks killer. G
Found at Shinsuke Takizawa Blog


WhitelinePsycho said...

I'm with you, wouldn't like to be punting it round a track but he makes a truly decent scoot, but only everytime.

The Tinslecat said...

Looks like a repro s&s engine to me, not origional. I bet it absolutely rockets - 1400 cc between your legs! Fair play to whoever races it!