Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bent bars

From our friend Jason...

I’ve been using bent bars for far too long now, well, since I run over that bloke at Rye House in May (Actually that sounds too dramatic as I only ran over his legs) and it’s about time for some new ones. But so many to choose from. Good job I have knowledgable friends to call on and that’s why I asked Ben for advice on which bars would suit me best. He suggested that I should Google, ‘Gay bars’.

Wow, how many suppliers are there in my area? Lots more than I’d imagined. But which one should I’s quite a list. I decided upon one called, The Handle Bar. I immediately got through to Julian, who is the Head Barman. Unbeliveable, a Head Bar man, a man in charge of just bars! There must be a whole department just for flat track handlebars at this place. All this going on, on my doorstep without me knowing. How silly do I feel? And there’s me thinking I’m the only one in my area of this persuasion.

After talking to Julian for quite a while, he agreed, 7/8 width would give him hand cramp too. Perhaps one inch would be better?, Julian thought that this was still not enough, he said he’d show me. I’ve got a pretty tenacious grip, especially when I’m on pole with eight blokes raring to go up my chuff.

Anyway, this place is open late as they’re having a 70’s Tranny extraganza this evening. I said “I’m not really into 30+ year old knackers which have been chopped about, I prefer mine to be standard with no previous owners”.

I’ll let you know how I get on.


Harley said...

Julian sounds like a complete amateur to me, any fule kno you work out how bent you want to be before you start looking at size. Getting the wrong angle will have your wrists aching long before you lose your grip.
Head Bar man indeed! Wouldn't know a Western hi-rise if it bit him on the arse.

Anonymous said...

I have the Blue Oyster Bar tune on my phone!!!!!!!

Full Lock or Death!! #29 said...

Don't fall for it, Ben's just grooming you..

First the handlebar trick, then he'll invite you round his garage to check out his chopper!

He tried to show me his lego helmet once. It wasn't pretty.

747 said...

Typical biker problem.

RedCon said...

Well played.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Can I get the address please, I'd like to show Julian mine, just to be certain my grip is correct, if not, he sounds like the chap to adjust it.