Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hooligan Derby, Ventura, Ca

From Iron & Resin. This looks fun, a similar vibe to Dirt Quake...

On the line, just trying to keep the bike you've resurrected from dying before the flag waves. You are surrounded by good friends and strangers, all looking to get a little sideways a fraction of a second ahead of you. The guy next to you is on a 650
British twin, you are on a lighter 250 2 stroke..."run what you brung" at its finest.

We are happy to announce the first annual Iron and Resin Hooligan Derby, taking place in our home of Ventura, CA. Ventura Raceway, an oval track affectionately known as "the best little dirt track in America" is a perfect setting for some dirt slinging amongst like minded friends. Open to all comers, our hope is that this will encourage a new breed of rider/racer to come out and share in the festivities.

Pre mix, 4-stroke, Japanese, American, Brit... if you can kick it, you can race it.

The first day of races is Saturday, April 14. Head over to Ventura Raceway's website to enter for $45 bucks. All racers get a limited I&R tee, and after the race we will be nursing our wounds and our egos with drinks at The Tavern, just on outhe other side of the tracks.

See you all there, on the line, hoping for a little bit of glory!

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Hairy Larry said...

Damn! Why is California so big? Google says 776 miles round trip from my house...12-13 hours behind the wheel depending on traffic. I see they are doing this more than once, and I do have some relatives in So-Cal. might put me up for a night or two. Sounds like a great event/series.