Friday, 28 September 2012

Dirt Track Riders Association

UK dirt track needs you. After seven years of establishing the UK scene, that then spawned the European, resurgent Italian and budding Czech and Swedish scenes, Pete and Jackie have stepped down from organising and promoting races. The new man at the helm is Anthony Brown of Co-Built. UK races will now be run by the DTRA. Here's what he says...

 The DTRA (Dirt Track Riders Association) has been formed by riders and fans in the UK who want to promote flat track racing. 
We are working with Pete and Jackie who are still involved in the new club. 
All of the faces you see at STUK meetings will still be around but the DTRA will be hoping to introduce new riders, fans and staff into the sport. 
For 2013 we will organise a six-race series including a Dirt Quake event, we are working on the schedule already. Our plan is to cater for all the classes that STUK hosted so dig your bikes out from the shed and get prepping. Six Months and counting until our first meeting. 

Our new website is 
Our facebook is 

We need your help. We are looking for new people to help us with our plans for 2013. 
We are looking for potential series sponsors. 

On Race Days (6 days next year) we need marshals and general helpers, lap scorers, starters, referees (training options available), photographers, commentators. 

From the armchair we need Publicity helpers, Bloggers, Admin staff .

We can use pretty much anyone's skills who wants to be involved. If you are a paramedic who fancies offering a special deal for your time 6 weekends next year we are all ears.

Sideburn will be involved with promotion, sponsorship, racing and anything else we can to ensure UK Short Track continues and grows. G


Nick said...

Best wishes and great success, to all involved

Rusty Nail Racing said...

can't wait!

Anonymous said...

My hat's off to anybody who can run a business and a sanctioning body at the same time...good luck, old boy, 'cause you'll need it!