Thursday, 27 September 2012

Distinguished Gent's Ride - Update

There are more details of the London one (organised by The Bike Shed) and Corpses from Hell have set up a ride in Sheffield - THIS SUNDAY.
Paolo from the most gorgeous (newsstand) motorcycle magazine in the world, Riders, is attending the London one with a photographer, so you could get your mug in that wonderful Italian mag.
I'm hoping there will be some distinguished ladies too...

Dr Ogo, Co-Built, BP and I are dusting off our tweeds for London.
London details here.

Sheffield details here.
BP and brother circa 1991 at a friends wedding


Nick said...

Just sometimes, I get a twinge, about moving away from within striking distance of London for some of the events, that go on, Then I think of what I've got down here in West Somerset, my own private (during the week) TT course for a quick blast around, and the moors to walk over, and able to walk down to the sea. No I don't miss London

Unknown said...

I'll be heading along, looks like fun.