Monday, 24 September 2012

Smith and Kawasaki win at Springfield

Better late than never for this short report. So, Brian Smith has won the Springfield Mile again. On a Kawasaki-powered bike again! This time the Crossley Howerton-framed, big-bore Ninja 650 (ER-6 in Europe). 
The shutter speed used to take this shot has frozen the wheels, but you know they're hauling here. That Kawasaki's pipes look good.
The Jake and Jared Show rumbled on. Mees came out on top this weekend, making third, Johnson was fifth, but title contender Sammy Halbert was second.

Shaun Russell (I always thought it was Shawn). Been with Bartels a long time. Came 11th in the main.
Shawn Baer on the Baer Racing Kawasaki.
Robert Pearson squeezing every last tenth out of  another Kawasaki. Eight of the Japanese bikes made the main. There were nine XR750s and Henry Wiles' Ducati, but he was black flagged.
Mikey Martin didn't make the main on his Triumph.

Nichole Cheza (15) had an eventful weekend. She failed to make the main, but her fella, Jared Mees, proposed to her on the podium.
Jake Johnson leads heat 3 (though Smith will win it). 59 is McCoy, 81 is Justin Hittle, 23 is Jeffrey Carver Jr.
Sammy's turn to look pee'd off. He lost the 25-mile race by four-hundredths of a second. G

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing


Anonymous said...

So will SB provide some wedding coverage? After all, how often do two flat track pros get married?

Joel said...

That Kaw was fast. He got off the line going into turn 3, slipped back about 4 positions, then opened it up and took the lead back almost instantly.