Saturday, 1 September 2012

Star Racer 500 for sale in the UK

From our friend Paul, in Derbyshire, UK...

 It's a TT 540cc star racer,fitted with Knock-off rear hubs, Grimeca brake, Jemco pipe, Bates footrests, 38mm mikuni,Betor forks, Progressive rear shocks, looking for £3000, regards Paul

 Leave a comment if you're interested or email Paul at  - fastharry13 @ (take out the spaces)


WhitelinePsycho said...

I'm interested but I doubt that shiny stones and a 67 SS125 will be of any use to you . . . a good thing for sure.

Nick said...

Hope you get a good price for this bike, Star racer was building frames with the blessing of Neil Keen, Nice and light would make a stonking road bike, much better than a standard framed 500T at £6,500 (have a look on Ebay)