Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ruby Castel

I think we might have had the first news on the new Ruby full-face, here. This is the official pre-release press release. The first Castels are available in plain colours only. They don't have a visor. The prototype Ruby founder was wearing at Anthony Co-Built's birthday ride had press studs for a visor, but I'm not sure the first production lids do. It's released soon, so we'll find out then. No prices are confirmed yet, either.

On 1st October, Les Ateliers Ruby will unveil their first full-face helmet: Ruby Castel... 
This first full-face helmet pure by its shape but strong by nature, you will recognise the carbon-fibre shell, the handcraft on the ruby red leather of its inner cocoon, the titanium pieces, and the careful know-how of Les Ateliers Ruby.