Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Swedish Flat Track

From Patric at Belladonna Trackers:
"Saturday, September 22 Mellan 1400-1700 runs Sweden's first sanctioned Flat track racing at Nyköping. FMX daredevils meet MX riders face Long the bane World Champion, Ice racing drivers, back champions, speedway pro, motard elite. Ultimate racing that will prove who is the meanest drivers on two wheels. There are 24 riders running 3 heats each, 8, in each heat for 6 laps, concluding with an A, B, C, finals. During the day Rack Arty trail display and Sweden's leading FMX team Skilled FMX showcases its spectacular mini flips landing on flat ground after a backflip. Flat-track and FMX Sweden are working to pave the way for two outsider sports in Sweden. The aim of the events is to create a platform for future Swedish championships." [apologies for any lost-in-(Google)translation info] BP

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Full Lock or Death!! #29 said...

Should be epic..
Those guys are proper fast and Patric and Freddie know how to make a real cool event, gutted I can't make it.