Friday, 7 September 2012

On Any Monday Evening...

From our friend Adriaan in the Netherlands. If you can work out how to vote for him you can send him on a moped odyssey...

Riding our lightweight two-stroke steads in the dunes of the North sea coast in the setting sun.. 

Steve, Malcolm and Mert we are not, but like desert racers we still aspire to be good people. Suggest to play the music loud. 

I was fed up reading about people doing fun stuff on bikes, but with a limited budget racing is not on at the moment, so the next best thing was to "race" a moped over three swiss mountains sponsored by some caffeinated sugar water company. 
Greetings, Adriaan

UPDATE from Adriaan

To vote: Click on on of these links (or all three, it's a team effort)

Click on [VOTE!] if you see it. 
If not, register under: "zum voten musst du dich anmelden" If you are registered, you can vote every 24 hours. :-)  Adriaan

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