Monday, 26 August 2013

Bristol Bike Show Snaps

Trikes and field-drag mono-bikes are pretty popular in Bristol.
There seem to be a lot of first generation Mods on immaculate Lambrettas.
And a few younger riders on chopped ones.
This XS650 has two 19" front wheels so it can run Maxxis DTR-1. Smart.
Rob organized a good expo inside the old Guild Hall with it's 17 courtrooms and now EU out-lawed jail cells in the basement. Here is the VonZeti family who make very tidy cafe racer tanks and seats.
And a great company car. I Love it when someone dares to use an old banger for all-weathers daily business.
Adi Gilbert and can also buy Sideburn commisioned prints from his webshop
Martin Squires on deft hand.
Lovely screenprints by Ben Mesh Cheshire.
As well as Sideburn merch I dug out some original Mean Fuckers photographs. Printed on defunct Hungarian made Forte Polywarmtone fibre paper. It's a strange thought how many hours I used to spend, back in the early '90s, underground like a mole, inhaling chemicals in the darkroom, dodging and burning to achieve the perfect print and now its just RSI-inducing computer work. BP


OILY RAG said...

Ive never been a fan of scooters but I was so impressed by the chopped scooters. Plus i love 2strokes . It has made me see them a little differantly.
It was a shame that most folk were scared off by the weather forcast.
Still it was a good day and i met some great people.

Tomfoolery said...

Gutted I missed it. Next year, Rob ;)