Thursday, 15 August 2013

DTRA Buxton This Sunday

If you like the look of the roads in the clips below, you could ride those on the way to this Sunday's DTRA meeting, at High Edge Raceway, outside Buxton in the heart of the Peak District.

Racing from 12. Spectators go free.

The DTRA are looking for marshals for this event. If you want to help, be there for 10.30. It'll be much appreciated. G

Poster art by Stevie Gee

Another local cultural must, is a visit to Bakwell's famous Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop for one of their 'puddings'. Eclipsed by the Bakwell Tart made staple by a certain Mr Kipling, the pud is the historical real deal (Thanks to native Richard Baybutt for setting the record straight). It looks like a home-economics experiment gone wrong but folk travel from afar to eat it. Beyond the delicious flakey pastry, I couldn't actually determine the ingredients of the sweet interior when I ate one last week. BP
(I just checked the photos on their website and the puddings shown certainly don't look as tanned as the one they sold me (above). Or do they save the duff ones for foreigners?)


RichM said...

Anyone riding down from Manchester that fancies riding together?

User.One said...

The pudding shop also does a fantastic scrambled egg and bacon muffin. Just saying...