Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Day Job

My 6 year-old daughter has a book called "What Does Daddy Do?" where the main character tries to explain to her class-mates what exactly her Daddy does for a living. In the face of her friends whose Dads all hold down 'normal' jobs she initially struggles before verbally painting a colourful and heroic picture. I'm not sure if my daughter's version would be so rosy considering the amount of time I seem to be chained to the computer of late. But last week I did have the pleasure of dusting off my studio equipment to go and shoot the new Norton Domiracer prototype at the Donington factory as a cover story for Café Racer Magazine.
Bertrand Bussillet Le Look Le Plus Cool.
BB on buffing detail.
Claire Salter erected an impressive bouffant with model Charlotte's hair.
Even with all the cash I've been saving recycling zipties, I don't think I will be investing it in a £22,000 Domiracer despite its good looks. Although the real bike still only exists on paper, most of the proposed 50 production bikes have already been sold to prospective customers.
Café Racer #65 (Septembre-Octobre) OUT NOW! BP


Kirk said...

That's an alright day on the job all told, mine are definitely not that fun.

Anthony Brown said...

thats a lot of zip ties!

JamesJ said...

That last shot showing a bit of leg should make the cover i think.

Dr-Ogo said...

B , I don't think you look very committed to the whole turn up thing...