Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wingboot, Buzz or Howl

New products in the Sideburn webshop.
First is a gorgeous new rub-on sticker- the Wingboot. Each letter is individually cut out, like our logo/subs stickers. £3.50 plus post.
Black, white or red.
250mm (10in) long. BIG!
Perfect for vehicles, helmets, toolboxes...
We bought a few of these Buzz or Howl 7in singles to sell on because...
A) Our entertainments officer David 'Skooter Farm' Arnold plays bass in this 3-piece.
B) One of our favourite artists, Maxwell Paternoster (Prez of the Corpses From Hell) drew the artwork.

We have a handful of these at £5 plus post.
The style is a lot like Freak Scene-era Dinosaur Jr and Mega City Four, late-80s indie punk. Anyway, there were 500 made and the record company has sold out of them already.
Vinyl fans should also check out the one of only release on Sideburn Records, by The Stags. G


Dan said...

Terrific new logo. It'd look smart on a polo, I reckon.

Austin said...

That Buzz Or Howl 7" is a belter, very Husker Du!