Friday, 30 August 2013

Mees wins at the Mega Mile

Reigning champion Jared Mees made hay while the sun shined at the Colonial Downs, 1.25-mile Mega Mile - the first time the GNC has visited the Virginia oval. Mees broke his leg earlier in the year, but the rain-offs played into his hands and he's right in the hunt, especially as... 
Mile specialist Bryan Smith had mechanical problems while leading the Main, pulled to the side of the track, then fought back to 12th. And...
Series leader Brad Baker broke down too... This was the first time, out of nine GNC starts this season, Baker finished outside the to 5. All these back to back races are obviously hard on the machinery.
Jake Johnson found his mojo with the Lloyd Brothers Ducati. He was 7th in the main on the 749cc framer.
 Johnson's teammate, Henry Wiles, came second in the Main and took a chunk of points out of Brad Baker's lead. He's looking good with four races to go.
Kenny Coolbeth, #2, is having a quiet year, by his very high standards. He came 5th, between up and comers #14 Briar Bauman and #95 JD Beach.
 Matt Wiedman on the Scott Kawasaki, 10th in the main, and, in those leathers, styling like it's 1995.
Johnny Lewis finally showed the potential of the Latus Triumph. Here is being pushed off by his team boss, Joe Kopp (in sunglasses) - who is interviewed in Sideburn 14. Lewis was top Triumph, coming 8th. Mikey Martin also made the main, coming in 16th in the 19-man main.

There were only 7 XR750s in the main. There were more 650 Kawasakis, a total of 8. Plus two Ducatis and two Triumphs.
The Harley still came out on top this time.
#44 Brandon Robinson in the hunt.
 Trying hard and looking like a Troy Lee cartoon,  Jake Constantine.
Smith, #42, won the six-rider Dash for Cash, from #10 Lewis. JD Beach, Nicole Cheza, Jake Johnson and Jared Mees also made the four-lapper for the top qualifiers.
Cody Johncox won the 10-lap Pro Singles race, beating Shayna Texter by EIGHT THOUSANDS of a second.
1. Mees, 2. Wiles, 3. Robinson
1. H-D, 2. Ducati, 3. Kawasaki

Next AMA GNC Flat Track is the Springfield double-header this weekend.
All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.


Dan said...

Brilliant shot of Constantine

Stuman714 in Indy said...

Just to let you know, the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports team run the 1098 and 1100 Ducati motors in their bikes for Jake and Henry. For some reason AMA Pro FT made a mistake on the entry list on these. After several discussions over the last 3 1/2 years with team co-owner Dave Lloyd, they won't run the 749s due to the fact that they are too expensive to maintain and keep intact at the high revs and speeds they run, so run the bigger motors with the restrictors for better engine life and lower maintenance costs.

Tomfoolery said...

How often are XRs outnumbered in mains?