Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Purely Fortunate Chance

From Giuseppe in Italy.

I was in a pub in Helsinki, Finland when I found a copy of Sideburn 14, by a purely fortunate chance! It was very interesting to see the pictures of the story, "Inferno Fangoso" and I recognized immediately the track (Giavera del Montello, North East of Italy) and the time: it was April 1972. And I was there too! 
And the guy with the Maico 25cc N.5 was Alberto Angiolini, one of the best Italian motocross rider at that time. You can find attached two more pictures (black and white by my brother) of the event. 
Best regards, Giuseppe Gasparini


Hot Shoe said...

As Giuseppe says Angiolini was a very good rider who rode a lot in Europe in the 70s and also in the Trans AMA series in the U.S.
I remember him on those Maico very well.

Unknown said...
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