Monday, 5 August 2013

Carver wins Castle Rock TT

In a season of debut GNC winners, Jeffrey Carver Jr. followed Brad Baker and Brandon Robinson to pick up his first Expert class win at last Saturday's Castle Rock TT in Washington.
No disrespect to Carver Jr, but the most crucial result in terms of the 2013 title was, I reckon, Jared Mees comeback from a broken arm to come second at a tough TT. Because of a spate of rain-offs, he missed one (I think) GNC round, raced at the Sac Mile and was on the podium at Castle Rock.

 First corner argy-bargy. There are too many front mudguards in this photo. Number 2, Coolbeth would come 9th in the main. We interviewed him about TT racing for Sideburn 8
Peoria TT specialist Henry Wiles, 17, came in fourth. Jake Johnson, 5, had his first race after quitting the Zanotti team after a mid-season split. He came in 17th in the main, a lap down. The excellently name Scooter Vernon, #74, came in 13th.
Briar Bauman, #14, was running second behind Carver, 23, till he slid out and came in dead last.

 Scott Baker - style for miles. 7th in the main.
1. Carver 2. Mees 3. Bonsey

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing

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