Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Peoria TT Report

Henry Wiles, #17, came through the semis, to win his ninth back to back Peoria, but Brad Baker #12, sews up the GNC Singles title, beating Wiles by just 2pts. 
 Jake Johnson.
 JD Beach, #95, came third overall.
TTs aren't Sammy Halbert's strongest area, but wiping out in the heats meant he didn't even make the main.
Jake Johnson, scrubbing and styling. The man who has taken his Zanotti ride, Stevie Bonsey, #80, came in 8th, four places ahead of Jake in 12th. Shaun Russell, #28, was an impressive 4th in the main.
 Baker won the Dash for Cash, too

 Briar Bauman remained everyone he's a class act by coming 5th.
 JD Beach, #95, scored another great finish with a third.
 Robert Pearson, #27, Jake Johnson #5, Jeffrey Carver Jr, #23.
1. Wiles, 2. Baker. 3. Beach.
Baker extended his lead over reigning champ, Jared Mees in the combined championship too. Mees came in 8th.
In the combined standings Baker has a comfortbale lead of 19pts over Wiles, and 42 over Bryan Smith in 3rd, going into this weekend's Indy Mile.

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.


Anthony Brown said...

We need a proper TT in the UK!!!!

Dan said...

All proper TT is theft, Anthony.