Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mud Crab Snaps (am)

As each bike rolled in it seemed an even more 'inappropriate' a match for the others already lined up in the bus lane. And like with the routes people had taken to ride to Sheffield, the sources of the tip-off that there was a ride-out and a Sideburn party in the evening were pretty random too. From "Instagram" to "I work in the tattoo shop around the corner" and "I heard a raucous VROooM-Vroom". Good to see some Dirt Quake II survivors there too.

By the time John Lawson turned up on his Dirt Quake II, class-winning, Africa Twin, the law decided enough was enough and sent the riot squad in. We happily buggered off to the Peak District for four hours before returning. BP

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Dan said...

Survivor Custom's Rotax hardtail is fuckin terrific.