Tuesday, 1 October 2013


110kg of flint aggregate + 1 small boy is not beneficial ballast to the handling of a bicycle and your brakes will be rendered useless. But I enjoy a challenge. BP


Captain Highside said...

Ben, if you were to confirm this is actually your bicycle complete with child and said ballast I will open a bottle of my finest red and drink to your masterful madness.

chris watson said...

that beats a boy, a dog and a sack of potatoes in my bike trailer, but I did haul it a mile up a 10% gradient

Mick P said...

Very hot double-drain action there Ben. Bristol clearly rocks.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Dear Capt
Yes all of the above items - except the scooter belong, to me!

Yes MP
once the monsoon season arrives there is a torrent of murkiness washing down the street.