Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Way of the DTRA

The footage for this short film was shot by Dael Poulter at Dirt Quake II back in the summer (you can tell it's summer because people are all wearing coats), but concentrates solely on the DTRA classes - short track and Thunderbike - that were also racing that day. Watching this makes me desperate to race again.

If it does the same for you, but you don't know where to start, what to do or how to get involved, just get in touch and we'll answer your questions.

You could do a lot worse than buy Sideburn 13 to read The Rookie, Drogo Michie's six-page story about his first season. Drogo bought Sideburn, as a road rider, had a neat XS650 street tracker built for him, but then was sucked into racing. He is the wrong side of 40 and has three kids. He had never raced a motorcycle in his life before his UK dirt track debut on a borrowed bike, now, a couple of years later, he owns a gorgeous Co-Built Rotax (below), and hates to miss a single meeting.

If racing isn't for you, but you would like to be involved with the series, there are lots of ways, big and small, to do that too. Again, get in touch. G

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