Friday, 18 October 2013

Pomona Half-Mile Round-up

Brad Baker won't be carrying that number next year. the 20-year-old won the Expert Twins and Expert Singles.
There are lots of rumours about Kenny Coolbeth's future. He came sixth at Pomona and fifth in the final twins standings, sixth in the combined.
Wyatt Maguire, who is from the same town of Mead, Washington as Brad Baker, won the Pro Singles class by one point from Ryan Wells.
Ducati leathers on a Harley. Henry Wiles was dropped by the Lloyd Brothers team, but rustled up an XR750 and made the main.
Bryan Smith could've pipped Baker to the title, if the younger rider slipped up, but he didn't put a wheel wrong.

Out-going champion, Jared Mees came fourth at Pomona and fourth in the title after an early season injury screwed his season.
Briar Bauman came in third in the main on a Suzuki SV1000!
Nichole Cheza wiping out.
Ducati v Triumph. Jake Johnson #5 would come out on top at the end of, but both he and Mikey Martin #91 made the main.
There were 11 Harleys (one was a Buell, I think), 4 Kawasakis, 2 Triumphs, 1 Ducati and 1 Suzuki in the 19-man Main.
Here are more stats from Tyler Porter's Inslide Line. Incidentally, Tyler has written for the next Sideburn, out next Month.

The unofficial dirt track statistical expert, Bert Sumner sent me an email this week that was just chocked FULL of awesome stats from the year. For instance, Brad Baker is the 4th youngest ever Grand National Champion. However, that is pretty widely known. Check out the rest of the facts that he sent along. For instance, this year we had 3 different OEM's on a mile podium for the first time since April 30th 1972 and we had 3 different OEM's on a half-mile podium since October 9th, 1976. We had the most first time winners this year since 2002 when a whopping 6 different riders won their first national. The last fact that I thought I would include was that for the first time since May 3rd 1987, we had a Grand National Mile without a Harley Davidson on the podium. Pretty neat stuff about our 2013 season. Thank you for sending that along Bert!!
The Dash. All those mentioned so far plus Sammy Halbert #7 who didn't finish the main.
A happy team.

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.


Stuman714 in Indy said...

Actually, The Bullet won the AMA Grand National Championship and also the Singles Championship, which he clinched at Peoria. And Henry's leathers are the ones he wore when campaigning the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports Aprilia during the 2008 campaign. They started running the Ducati in 2010 with Joe Kopp, in 2011 with Baker and then with Henry again in 2012 and through his release after Springfield this season.

Hairy Larry said...

Sammy posted on board vid of his Harley getting stuffed into the hay when he was 'ejected' ...crazy stuff...

topjob said...

Correct, there was one Buell. Ridden by Josh Koch, #68 out of Minnesota.