Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Zanotti Kawasaki 650

The Zanotti team have been running Harley XR750s for years. They were 2011 GNC champions with Jake Johnson. We featured their incredible XR750 race bike in Sideburn 11. Now they're building a Kawasaki 650 GNC bike. From what we understand, it's well behind schedule, but we can't wait to see this finished and racing. 
These photos are from the brilliant weekly US flat track column, The Inslide Line. G


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Talked with Wayne Karcich from Zanotti at Indy and Springfield, since they are building this one from the ground-up, it has taken much longer then expected to piece things together. They spent just over a month getting the linkage package just right. As of last month they were hoping to be able to get something together during the off-season, test it early in '14 and roll it out for the first Twins Series event of 2014, all things being equal, of course. With the mindsets they have behind this--Dave Zanotti, Ted McDermitt, Kenny Roberts and Warren Willing, you know when they do get it together, it WILL be right!

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