Sunday, 27 October 2013

Triumph Promo

Featuring the #91 Bonneville Performance twin of Mikey Martin. Read all about this bike in Sideburn 11.

UPDATE: BP posted this film, so I didn't have chance to write about it, so I'm leaving it as an update.
I love that they include the section of the Bonneville streamliner both crashing and setting on fire. Breaking records and racing isn't fairytale, camp fire horseshit. If breaking speed records was easy no one would give damn. Great video, very brave for a very, very conservative company and not a beard in sight! G (bearded) I


Nick said...

And a very,very noisy video

Hairy Larry said...

No campfire jumps...but a very impressive car over bikes jump. Yeah good to see some 'reality' video.

Dan said...

Brilliant - really exciting edit. And yep, delighted by the absence of fauxhemian lifestyle nonsense.

JamesJ said...

That's the stuff, none of that other drivel.