Sunday, 6 October 2013

You don't need a smartphone... enjoy the delights of Sideburn's instagram feed. There are almost daily updates on the feed, that is hosted on the Sideburn facebook page. You don't even need to sign up for facebook either. Just follow this link
We very rarely put the same stuff on Instagram that we put on the blog, either.

If you do have a smartphone - iPhone or Android device-thing - or iPad, you can download the instagram app for free and be safe in the knowledge your attention span will wither down to 23.5 seconds maximum.

Once you've done that you can follow @sideburnmag and all the cool cats who used to do blogs, but now can't be arsed. Not like us!

If you have no idea what Instagram is, it's like that Twitter you've heard all about but with photos (Twitter added a photo to their original word only app to combat Instagram, I think). Users put up a photo, short video or a photo and caption and people can see them in a real-time feed on their phone or iPad. I'm totally addicted to it. It's a combination of rad, sick, and awesome. We're totally stoked to have 5800 followers. Killing it, etc... G


Nick said...

It's all a bit modern for me, have enough trouble trying to remember were I left my mobile phone

bla said...

What's wrong with a good old RSS-Feed? I don’t like Facebook and trying to open your Instagram link worked only with Chrome. It is a pity because i always get this ...screw it... thing and again some cool stuff gets off my radar. Like your super poet Travis Newbold. The same is to say about this comments section. Why is there a need for any kind of authentication? Some might say "this is so old-fashioned/yesterday", but i don't want to be part of this whole surveillance crap.


Sideburn Magazine said...

It's there is you want it, and it's there for free. If you don't want to sign up, I totally understand - the whole surveillance thing is a big negative. I can get on the insta feed without chrome or being of facebook, though.
As far as the comment authentication - I think blogger put it on without us asking, but if we don't have it we are bombarded with spam from robots and it pees us off. They have a way of finding popular blogs.
As an aside, Sideburn puts a heck of a lot of free content and free events out there in a effort to try sell a few magazines we pout or hearts and time into. The magazine started first, everything else is marketing to try sell the magazine. We do what we can to get people interested and keep on people's radar. We're attention-seekers for the printed product (and T-shirts).

bla said...

Hi Gary,

i am a big fan of what you do and i am well aware of the fact that you are doing a lot of it for free and how much work this is. I have a sideburn subscription since a long time (also with a different mail address) and i actually really like to give my money to guys like you, because its so worth it.
Companies like Facebook earn their money with this surveillance stuff and i just want to stay away from that. That's also why they do not provide a RSS-Feed for Instagram, or did i miss that?
It is a bigger effort to not use the services provided by google etc. and i understand if you decided to go that way, just wanted to show that not everybody lives in that ecosystem.


Sideburn Magazine said...

Hi Bla
Yep, totally understand, and thanks for the support.

747 said...

Hi Bla, Hi Gary,
You are both super cool.

Hairy Larry said...

Hi Bla, just looked at your 'test'-blog. Are you building a bike with that very interesting looking motor? fishes..good luck...however you all say....