Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Olde English Hauler

Ford Cortina Mk3 running Michelin XZX radials loaded with a pair of Kawasaki KT250s (we reckon). That driver has uprated his rear springs and shocks for guaranteed stopping in the wet.
Remember, don't mix radial and crossply tyres on the same axle. G
Thanks to Dan for sending this photo.


747 said...

well played.

Mick P said...

I've never before seen and Austin 1100 look so exciting. More mixing!

Hot Shoe said...

The Kawasaki KTs on the Cortina are Don Smith's the triple 1970s European Trials Champion. He developed the KT250 for Kawasaki and later developed a 450 version. He was a brilliant rider and engineer who once slotted a 380cc single cylinder 2-stroke Greeves MX engine in a speedway chassis(!) and tested it around the old Hackney speedway track.