Monday, 28 October 2013

Knoen Blog

The Sideburn blog has been running since 2008 and is well over 4000 posts old. There were some good moto blogs before we started, but not tons. Then there were thousands, but recently the gadflies have flown over to facebook or instagram. We, through loyalty to and love of the blog format, have stuck with blogger, serving up at least one post every single day. So, we still love blogs and this one is a beauty, though it is very rarely updated. - subtitled Time You Enjoy Wasting Is Not Time Wasted - is created by Martin P, a Swedish Sideburn reader living and working in Japan. He's employed as a designer for a major motorcycle company. He serves up event reports from classic and modern road racing and vintage scrambles. Go check it out.

And leave us a comment telling us, or reminding us, about really good blogs, please. G 
And I'm pretty sure Luigi is Martin P, the man behind the blog. Could it get any better?
Martin also designed this Bikenstein for Dirt Quake II. 

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He quit his job at Honda a couple of months ago and after a few weeks of building it, put his custom made KTM 690 (enduro R) Rally in a crate and sent it airmail to South America today for some adventures! Hope he updates the blog at some point on his travels! said...

And yes, he is Luigi in the last shot!