Tuesday, 1 October 2013

theGOODbook and SB Sticker Pack 1

For a long time we have stocked products made by other companies we really like: books and fanzines, mainly, sometimes tools and goggles.
The latest to add to the list is theGOODbook. Gary got one of these ingenious handmade covers when he visited Portland in February and has used it every day since.

It's made by Red Clouds Collective, who say...

We believe in creating products with an honest approach and practical design. All functions and fabrics are considered in creating a lasting life for our products. We are designing for the people who want quality exceeding the standards and needs of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. As a collective of makers and adventurers, each piece is an extension of our lives. We hope our creations help you along your path. 
All products are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon USA.

TheGOODbook is a leather iPhone case, wallet, sketchbook and cardholder. It's a beautiful and wonderfully tactile piece of kit. It's simplified my life. I don't have to search for my wallet and my phone, I have just one thing to look after.

We are the ONLY stockist of these in the whole of Europe.
Remember to choose the right one for your iPhone 4 or 5.
theGOODbook 4 is £37 plus post

theGOODbook 5 is £40 plus post
We also got around to making a Sticker/collector's pack. It contains 5 stickers.
Into the Wild and Sideburn by Raulowsky
Get this Bitch Sideways by Maxwell Paternoster
2 x Sideburn Wingboot
PLUS the A4 fold-out programme (it's A4 when it is folded out, A6 as shown above) from Dirt Quake 1 in 2012, with the Adi Gilbert poster artwork on the back.
Perfect for the Sideburn completist.
Limited edition.
£3.50 FREE POST if ordered with something else.
Get yours at the Sideburn webshop.

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Elton A.R. Alwine said...

Would love this for my Note 2. Gary, you're in - give 'em a hint!