Saturday, 26 October 2013


Thanks to Katy B for reminding me of this gem.
Best bits.
1. The first bars.
2. When you realise he's going to yodel the whole song.
3. The electric guitar solo.
4. The dancing girls.
5. The crowd going as wild as when The Beatles landed at JFK airport (coincidentally in the same year as this recording was made, 1964. Give me Karl Denver over the Liverpudlians every day of the week). G


FlatTel said...

What it actually needs, is to have a 'Sweeney' makeover and be set in a northern working mans club.



Kirk said...

That is absolutely the maddest thing ever, and that's before the dancing girls come out. Genius Gaz, utter genius.

Mick P said...

Utterly brilliant. Where would the Sixties music scene have been without benzedrine? And FlatTel, that teleport to a northern English club is amazing. Bernard Manning in the crowd and Frank Carson on lead guitar. Stunning.

Harley said...

Please tell me I'm not the only person who kept hearing "Golden Wonder, they're jungle fresh" in the background.

Hot Shoe said...

I reckon the Wimoweh was recorded in 1961 and hit the charts in 1962. Give me The Karl Denver Trio over the Mop Tops any day though. But then again i always thought that Bob Dylan was the poor man's Donovan. :)

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hot Shoe, I'm not sure when it was recorded, I was referring to when this version was broadcast and it was Shindig, October, 7, 1964. G

Hot Shoe said...
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Dan said...

I saw Karl Denver sang with the Happy Mondays a couple of times. Amazing voice.