Thursday, 26 December 2013

Australian Sheds by Jasper White

Thanks to my old friend Alex for sending a link through on the work of Jasper White. This is what the English photographer says about his project...

I’ve recently completed a project shot in various locations throughout Australia that takes you into the private world of working men’s sheds. These sheds are the personal retreat of their creators, filled with the various ephemera of their lives and interests. Viewed as a whole, each shed becomes an extreme focal point of human individuality in what could be described as the barren wasteland of rural Australia. The shed frames an individual portrait of its creator, and this visual impact of the unusual and the unpretentious is what I find so interesting.


OILY RAG said...

I strikes me that the ozzies have more room to build a shed that displays there individuality. Either that or the English shed mirrors the cramped, over filled, messy mind of the Brits

Anonymous said...

Oh my God Hey Charger

Mine is my dads shed here in South Africa, sld my Hemi 265 :( waiting to put a 360 in it. Awesome mate