Saturday, 14 December 2013

McQueen is Dead

Very few outlets give me the opportunity to write what I really want to, hence the reason I approached Ben, back in 2007, to help create Sideburn. One that still does is the website Influx. Mike, is the geezer who runs it and he is a geezer: a West Ham fan with a lived-in mush full of cracked tombstone teeth and accent as cultured as a brick through Southern Fried Chicken's front window. He's a brilliant self-taught creative writer and self-confessed Acid Rambler.

Anyway, he asked me 'Can you turn me around a 750 word piece on the whole Steve McQueen shit?' Who says the art of briefing is dead? And while a series of features on Steve McQueen is hardly pushing the envelope, I couldn't refuse.

To his credit, Mike only edited out a couple of lines that he thought would offend their target readership too much. Read it, and other McQueen-related stories (not by me), over at Influx. Leave a comment on my bit, whether you agree or not, and it'll make me appear popular. Thanks! G


Hairy Larry said...

'the wriggling of e-coli...' it.

bill smith said...

Well said, Left a note over at influx.

Chris said...


(though I suspect a small sliver of my annoyance comes from that dark unattractive side of the psyche that hates it when the thing you've been into for AAAAGGGES man! get's popular.)


Sideburn Magazine said...

Nail on the head. Just wait till everyone is wearing Fieldsheer acid worms!


great writing as always Gary .

Chris said...

it'll happen Gary... Padgetts want £200 for a set NOS!


Dan said...

Nice piece, GI. 'Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?' The malleable dead. Marketeers wearing the flayed skin of celebrity corpses to flog tat and lifestyles. Good point about McQueen being mod, modern, modish, rather than retro. Shame the McQueen connection has given the Manchester classic Baracuta a £280 price tag.

Handsome fucker, looked good in clothes and out of them, and looked terrific on a bike. I understand the visual attraction. Not so much the born again christianity, or the quotes - that 'i live for myself and answer to nobody' sounds like selfish nonsense, a tagline for tory aftershave. 'New, Bojo for men'.