Monday, 30 December 2013

Jim Rice for SB16

Continuing our series of Who, What, Why interviews with racing legends we have Jim Rice lined up for issue 16, out in early 2014. If you're missing any back issues, this is who we have conducted exclusive interviews with so far...

Issue 3 Dick Mann
4 Don Castro
5 Dave Aldana
6 Gene Romero
7 Eddie Lawson
8 Scott Parker
9 Jay Springsteen
10 Chris Carr
11 Bubba Shobert
12 Steve Morehead
13 Mert Lawwill
14 Joe Kopp
15 Nick Hayden

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Dan said...

Ace early 70s cine camera footage here featuring a gridful of sideburn favourites.

Nick said...

Didn't he ride one of the BSA triple high boy, flat trackers?