Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Coolbeth joins Zanotti Racing

After eight seasons and three titles with the factory H-D team, Kenny Coolbeth has joined top privateers, Zanotti. Here's the official blurb...

Kenny Coolbeth joins forces with Zanotti Racing to go after the 2014 GNC Expert Championship. Dave Atherton will build the motors and provide lead mechanic duties at the track. Kenny will be riding XR750s from the Zanotti Racing collection & CRF450s with support from Chaplin Honda. 

Kenny recently visited Dave Atherton’s shop in Michigan and had this to say “I am really excited about riding for Dave Zanotti with Dave Atherton spinning the wrenches, I am sure we will have the best equipment out there and I am looking forward to winning races and have fun doing it, I want to thank Dave Zanotti for be leaving in me and I can’t wait until Daytona”. 

Read all about Zanotti's beautiful XR750 in Sideburn 11. G

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Nick said...

Dave Atherton, was racing a very original BSA BB32R Gold Star flat tracker, it had Sonic weld rear axle drop outs, except for that al as BSA sold them, Kevin his son had a horrendous accident a few years ago as a bunch of Harleys collided, don't know if he's raced since