Wednesday, 11 December 2013

TR6C in a T120R Frame

From Derek in Minnesota

I think I first came across the Sideburn blog while searching google for anything street tracker related. I think it popped up with a picture of the Skooter Farm Rotax, and from that point on I've checked in twice a week to see what was new. I've got a triumph TR6C that has been turned into a street tracker and I can't get enough of seeing other peoples bikes and projects.

Here's some pics of my bike from right after we got it finished. the pictures aren't the best (I'm no photographer). Its a 71 TR6C in a T120R frame, my dad bought it in the early 80s for $75. It sat in our basement until 2005 when we decided it'd make a fun father son project as I was going to school for motorcycle mechanics at the time.

It took about a year to finish and we're pretty happy with the results. A few specs on it, the front end is off a 78 CB750 with modified trees and re-laced with an Excel rim. the rear wheel is from a Cannondale enduro bike with a KX250 rear brake. The glass and handlebars are from Omar's Dirt Track. it has Boyer ignition and a brand new Amal carb. All the fab work was done by my dad (he's been machinist for 40+ years). It's all right side controls and no front brake, so riding it can be a bit tricky. she gets a lot of looks everywhere it goes.
Thanks again! Derek


Nick said...

Put a brake on the front and ride it fast

Anonymous said...

oooh no front brake...tsk tsk