Sunday, 22 December 2013

Killer Diller x The Stags x Cherry Wainer x Don Storr

So, perhaps you have a party and no soundtrack. Perhaps you have no party. Perhaps you're washing dishes in the back of a restaurant this holiday season, working in a petrol station, guarding a warehouse, nightwatch in an old folks home or you're a Sikh (or one of the many other religions that don't celebrate Christmas). Perhaps you are just a music fan with similar tastes to me. Whatever you may be, animal, vegetable or mineral, your life will be enriched, by following the link below to listen to the latest instalment of Sideburn's official DJ, Mr Johnny Alpha's radio show - the Killer Diller Christmas Special. He has, as his guest, the partially-drunken Stags.

There are a few familiar (to me) tracks on the mix, but I was turned on to a new name - Cherry Rainer. I googled her and found this amazing film from a German TV show from the 1960s Beat! Beat! Beat! Cherry has a Sassoon bob so sharp it could cut 10mm MDF and her drummer, Don Storr, looks like a prison amateur dramatics society's casting of Richard Nixon. I have imagined whole back stories for Cherry and Don, but I know nothing of their real lives.

The show also includes The Stags playing Rollergürl, a 7in that was released by Sideburn. We have a few left... Follow the link to get your own ltd. edition Stags single. G

UPDATE: The Stags are playing Camden, London on December 28th, and the Hipsville Christmas Party. They're on first, so don't be late. More details here.


Kirk said...

And the matching Hammond/amps/drum kit set-up? A-Maz-Ing. Made my morning, thanks chief.

Nick said...

O' WOW! could be so dreadful, but AMAZING, love the sharp haircut,THANKS FOR THAT, made me smile a lot

Mick P said...

Just. Genius. I paused the Killer Diller Christmas Special to listen to this and. well... My only regret is that the buzz made me wolf down my two mince pies and now I'm looking at an empty plate. Good find.

Nick said...

Gary I know I'm an Old Fogey, but is there any way of downloading that program, other than having to join Facebbook, all the best Nick

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hi Nick
You don't need facebook to listen to it streaming, you just need to be online. Click the link that says Killer Diller.
However... Sideburn's tech expert MP says you download it here - - God only knows how he worked that out.