Thursday, 19 December 2013

On board: Tyler Porter

We were delighted to have Tyler Porter (pictured), of Fight For Dirt Track and The Inslide Line write for Sideburn 15. He wrote about the current battle between Kawasaki twin and Harley XR750 riders in the Grand National Championship. He's just delivered another great feature, full of insight, for the next issue. If you like flat track and don't read the Inslide Line, you're missing out. It's the essential weekly update on pro flat track in the US, full of informed rumours and opinion.
We asked Tyler (#28C) to introduce himself...

Tyler Porter, the self-proclaimed People's Champion since 2004. Now at the ripe age of 28 and a half, Tyler's best racing days are behind him, well that is, if they were ever ahead of him. While he rides in the AMA Pro Racing Pro Singles class, unless he has a magical day, he is your typical average, rear of the pack, not making the main event type racer. You know, the one who shows up so that all of the others can look so good. However, he doesn't let this get him down. Instead, he fights on through his website, where you can always find the latest news and stories from the top to the bottom of dirt track. 

His world famous weekly column, "The InSLIDE Line" gets nearly 10,000 unique readers per month and has never missed a week since it started in 2008. The latest happenings in the dirt tracking world as well as some very hilarious predictions during race season can be found in the column. We all suggest you check it out every Friday to get your weekly dose of dirt track. 

When he isn't being an also ran or wanna-be journalist, he does have a real job, as Director of Domestic and International Sales for Memphis Shades motorcycle windshield and fairing company ( Affiliated with Memphis Shades since 2009, Tyler travels the country and all around the world all year long promoting the brand and attending famed events like Daytona Bike Week, the Sturgis Rally and the Laughlin River Run. Though his measily racing efforts shouldn't garner much help, the exposure from the Website has brought on a host of industry supporters. 

Tyler's racing program and website COULD NOT exist if it weren't for the help from Bell Helmets, Silkolene Oils (Bristish), DP Brakes (British), Works Connection, Motion Pro Tools, K&N Filters, Lightshoe (Best Steel Shoes IN THE WORLD!) RK Chains, CP Pistons, Carrillo Rods, Ride Engineering and EVS Protective Gear. Please visit those sponsors and support them because they support us!


Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Perfect to have him write more for SB! That Kawa/Harley article was great and very interesting!

BTW, Can you show your latest project bike a bit more on the blog? It looks like great fun!

Cheers, Marcus

Stuman714 in Indy said...

Way to go TP28, always good to see more from The InSlide Line man!

king kirk said...

..good job grabing this fellow g..
now, if we could have him wear a
silk scarf while racing.. and..
"that Spanish fellow.. is going down"