Monday, 2 December 2013

Dirt Track Festival, Spain 2013 - First photos

All I've been hearing is good vibes back from the Kenny Noyes/ DTRA Flat Track Festival out in Spain. Sideburn's BP (above) went out for the four-day festival, but I was working in India so I couldn't make it.

Sideburn reader Martin Huening seems to sum it up. These photos are from Jan-Willem at Dutch Brothers. GI

Hi Ben and Gary, 

...for some reason I am unable to ade this comment to your blog but I have to let you know: Right now my friend Robert and me are flying back home from the Festival. Being absolute beginners in "dirt affairs" we not only survived but walked away with a trophy. 

We are still so excited and fullfilled with hormones of happiness! I guess we won't be able to sleep. We earned and learned far more than we had hoped or expected. 

Thanks to all the wonderful people and participants for all the valuable tips, fun and entertainment. Special Thanks to Jan-Willem Janssen for letting me try his beautiful Rotax framer. 

If there will be a 2nd Festival in 2014 we will sign in immediately. 
Hope to meet again soon, maybe in one of "Boastie's" spring camp...  


Nick said...

Looks fun, maybe it's time to have another go!!!

#27 Tom said...

More pictures on the Dutch-Brothers site!