Friday, 27 December 2013

The Thrill Is On

Dave Skooter Farm has had this on DVD for years. We even showed it the Sideburn David Aldana Night back in 2011, but it has just appeared on YouTube.
This film, The Thrill Is On, was never properly released because, according to what David Aldana told us, the deal was he would get a cut of the profits from the makers if it ever sold over a certain amount. Once it got close to that amount it stopped being sold, so the filmmakers never had to pay the rider.
I bet they never realised, back in 1971-2, that YouTube would be invented and loads of flat track fans would see it and no one would get any money.
Anyway, enjoy it. Some great period footage of the season or two straight after On Any Sunday. G


Nick said...

GREAT FILM, so many famous names, thanks for that

don daniel said...

The you tube quality is piss poor. the high quality original DVD is still available for $36.00 including shipping in the US. Call Dave or Don at 512-789-0465 or email to

Anonymous said...

Doea anyone know the artists that played on the soundtrack? Maybe Magic Sam, Freddie King, Albert King who knows?