Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Brits to Race US Top Amateurs

Kawasaki DTRA team riders, Ollie Brindley, #24, and Alan Birtwistle, #30, along with George Pickering, are flying to the US to compete in five races in five days, in the Midwest.

They're going to be at the 2014 AMA Dirt Track GRand Championships

Springfield Mile on Monday 23 June
Springfield TT on Tuesday 24
Springfield TT on Wednesday 25
Springfield Limestone half-mile on Thursday 26

Plus one more race I don't have details of yet.

Travelling and watching five races in five days would be tiring, so imagine what racing the best young US riders is going to be like.

If you see them, say hello and wish them luck. They're good fellas. G

Photos: Ian Osborne/DTRA


Dan said...

Proper British names - I hope that Alan Birtwhistle & George Pickering sound as strangely glamorous to US ears as Kenny Coolbeth & Gene Romero sound over here.

McQmoto said...

Good luck fellas . Have fun & sock it to 'em!

Nick said...

HOPE YOU HAVE A BALL!! Starting to order up parts for my Sonicweld rigid Goldie Flat tracker next week, should be a flyer, Going to need a rider for some demonstration laps when it's finished

Drakey72 said...

Keep it pinned boys!