Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Wheels & Waves snaps 2014

W&W 2014 was as predicted, nuts. Vincent's posse that started life a few years ago as a mere blog, encompassing a few mates in Toulouse who ride Brit bikes, has exploded into a small planet with its own gravitational pull. Now senior bike brands have taken notice and want in on the scene. Thankfully their presence is not too overbearing. Everybody loves a free drink and some nibbles. The amazing laissez-faire attitude of the local authorities towards the organised chaos and the summer breeze wins again. Good times with friends.
Ed Turner BMW mating a 69S engine with R1150 drive. Good to see small workshops building bold bikes. (below) their looney caff'd Super Dream.
Seb's Lucky Cat BM' drag bike is even better in the flesh. My show fave.
G to the double E
John Strong Adolfo's Eldridge, Sideburn's Cornish stockist, and the man behind CMBL, came and beat the natives at their own game - eating Jamon Serrano and surfing! winning the Thirsty Fins competition.
photo below Vincent Lemanceau
sorry I never got to speak to you Jens.
It was not all beer swilling, flip-flops and novelty helmets. Here Roland Sands and Wrench Monkees' Per Nielsen just prior to the serious business of leaving a irreverent double rolling burnout on the Marina Hondarribia.
I was surprised not more dirty sweaty bikers made use of the ocean, it really was BLISS. BP


Dan said...

Ed Turner. Dick Emery would love that. That Beemer's beautifully elegant.

-BaRoN- said...

Too bad these events also attract the wrong kind of people that can't keep their hands of other people's stuff : ask the Eat Dust guys what happened to their box of merchandise and some personal belongings.
But that doesn't change the fact that it is a great event ! I really should go once...

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hi Baron
I was very surprised when Ben told me about Eat Dust having something stolen. I didn't go this year, but the two years previously the crowd has been great. It could be locals or other ne'er-do-wells, nothing to do with bikes, that are attracted by the noise and lights and just grabbed the box nearest the edge of the tents. Still a shame for a small, great company like Eat Dust.

JamesJ said...

Did you get in the sea then this year or what?

-BaRoN- said...

chances are indeed that it was someone that's not into the bike-family thing (or whatever you want to call it). At least I hope so.
We also encountered some thieving scum at the Flanders Chopper bash : someone stole a complete springer frontend with wheel that was on display in the main tent. I hope for his/their sake they never run it on a bike because we would recognize it....
It's a shame but not much you can do about it.

Kirk said...

Seriously, no matter what event and level of access you give the public there's always going to be some arsehole. Given how many people were at this and the level of madness going on, it was incredibly civilized and self policed. Stevie's art was unmolested and we weren't there all the time, and the overall vibe was one of absolute goodness that you certainly wouldn't get here in the US. It was champion seeing BP although he dodged a bellyboard session with us!

SonicSeb said...

thanks for your kind comments mates ! was a pleasure to see you there Ben !