Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pikes Peak Sh*t Luck

I arrived at Pikes Peak on Thursday morning and this video was the talk of the bike paddock.
To explain: On practice days, the sessions run from 5.30am to 9am. The track is split in three sections. One for cars, one for trucks, one for bikes. Each racer rides up the section of track, waits until the whole group has ridden, then marshals bring them back, at a much slower pace, to the temporary pit for another run, till time is up. This video was caught on one of the runs back to the section start. A very experienced rider, further back in the snake of racers, lost the front and skidded off the side of the mountain.
That's when the film starts...
The rider at the top separated his shoulder. Miraculous considering.
If you're thinking, why didn't the camera bike just brake? The unblinking eye of the GoPro sees the bike, but the rider was looking up the road, not up the mountainside, so didn't see the bike till it was too late. G

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Nick said...

When your concentrating on one spot, the brain can exclude periphery vision, if you've ever had it yourself it can be very weird, as something comes into your central vision