Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Dirt Quake Deutschland Help!

This fellow is Martin Segattini, we met at the Noyes Camp flat track school in Spain. He rides MX and whipped my sorry arse. He's a Sideburn fan and promised to come to Dirt Quake to ride his 1956 Harley chop. But then he over-cooked it on his BMX and broke an ankle.
It's pretty much healed now, but he'd really like to share his van driving duties and fuel costs from Münich, Germany - Or maybe you are en route (Luxembourg or France)? Can you help? If you are a racer he could even pick your bike up. Danke BP


Anonymous said...

I will publish an article on my blog tomorrow about DQ3. If anyone is interested in riding with Martin, how can he contact him?

Anonymous said...

Hope this helps: