Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Vicious Cycles West Coast Tour

If you caught The Vicious Cycles wild show at Dirt Quake USA, then I know you'll want to go catch them again. If you didn't, you need to find out what you were missing.
Great band, memorable show, good guys and a flaming theremin.

June 21 - Seattle (Cretin Clubhouse)
June 22 - Portland
June 23 - Eugene
June 24 - San Fran?
June 25 - Oakland (East Bay Rats clubhouse)
June 26 - LA (Born Free pre-party)
June 27 - Tijuana
June 28 - LA (Cretin Clubhouse)

We still have a few copies of the might latest LP on vinyl. Get it at the Sideburn shop. G

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cosmicowboy said...

Tell em to look for Tommy! Or Cowboy! Same guy different names!