Friday, 6 June 2014


Julian of Deus LA kindly organized a run-what-you-bring at the Perris track, two hours east of LA (crawling in rush-hour traffic), a loose rabble of Hell On Wheels, Deusites, Co-Built, a big Biltwell crew and other friends of Sideburn came out. Everything from crappy plastic scooters to a fully accessorised RGS1200 BMW was throttled around the short track until the sun went down. Iced Beer. Good times.
Co-Built Geoff on Conrad Leach's desert sled.
Dave Skooter Farm in his sparkly new Biltwell Gringo and Jeannette.
Dorinda ripping it up on her Triumph.
Nevin wing-ning-nign
Hayden's Hell On Wheels Triumph.
Mule showing the kids how to do it on his Yamaha TT500.
Bixby Moto showing us that your Mum's 150cc Amstar is all you need.
Gary on the Mule TT500.
Always good to have a seamstress on standby for every eventuality.
Homer Knapp bought his 1928 hand-shift Harley JD (featured in SB#7) along for us to try. An awe-inspiring bike - and man.
Put knobblies on anything and it's legit. Kiyo's CB750/4
Great to finally put names to faces and meet Richard 'Mule Motorcycles' Pollock.
Jen McClain of Deus. BP

UPDATE: some great photos by Shadra Wilson on the Biltwell blog


OILY RAG said...

That looks crap , how do you guys drag yourselves out of bed every day for this sort of 9-5. Maybe you should try accountancy , it may give you more job satisfaction....

Judas said...

I take offense to that crappy plastic scooter comment. They ain't all plastic.

Sideburn Magazine said...

These ones were crappy and plastic. G

Sideburn Magazine said...

sorry Judas,
it wash't meant to be offensive. I had fun on the PCC Amstar, but its not going to still be alive in 86 years time like the 1928 H-D, mostly iron, survivor that I also rode.