Thursday, 5 June 2014


Our jet lagged heads have finally stopped spinning. A very big thank you to all the people that made our road trip so memorable (even a redneck in his pick-up who flipped us a bird for no apparent reason, when we pulled off the interstate for a milkshake. Maybe it was the Californian plate on our rental? My Fargo bowl haircut? Kirk's Bollywood CD that was streaming out the window? I'm still downloading a gzillion photos.
Matching the ludicrousness of our Dirt Quake GB steak and kidney pud pace-car was no problem for Thor. When we turned up at See See in Portland and he wheelied out a pizza trike, we knew Dirt Quake USA would be a good one. BP

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Hairy Larry said...

As I get over "freeway lag" from the long drive back to Sacramento, still on a DirtQuake USA high...taken the rest of the week off to play with my bikes. Even though I decided not to race since my clutch would never un-stick...(did sneak out on the track for a couple of laps of the track friday evening...)...still had the best time ever. It was great to meet you Pancho...and all the rest of the UK contingent...Congratulations and cheers for coming up with a great event, Thanks to all the sponsors and the North westerners...and I flipped off a tweaker who almost rammed us from behind somewhere in I think things are even. Let's do it again!!