Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What would Jeff do?

A few weeks ago, the editor of Performance Bikes, a magazine I've contributed to for well over a decade, rang up and said, 'We are putting on a free track day with Dunlop and Rockingham racetrack. Why don't you come on the Black Arrow.' Great idea.

Since then, though, I've damaged my left rotator cuff (painful muscle and tendon shoulder injury), highsiding on a wet track at the last DTRA race. I've crashed another two times since then... And I'm busy. So busy. I always go to bed knowing I've only done half as much as I should have that day.

Aching, busy, the black Arrow buried behind two other bikes, excuses, excuses...
But what would Jeff do? I'm talking about Jeff Wright (of FTWCo and Church of Choppers). He has two bars, his T-shirt business, four three kids... Jeff would go to the track day.

So I did. And it was great. The Black Arrow behaved. The sidestand bracket grounds out, but I knew the bike was low. I need to go up a tooth on the front sprocket and take the gauze out of the bellmouths too, but other than that, it felt good. I'm now looking forward to riding it on Montlhery's banking at the Cafe Racer Festival, outside Paris in two weeks.

And, because he's a columnist for PB, John McGuinness turned up, cool as you like, chatted and did a few laps in his World Endurance and TT leathers.

Thanks Jeff. G


OILY RAG said...

Feeling knackerd is a much better feeling than the regret of not doin something.

Jeff Wright said...

You only live once. I only have 3 kids. Love and respect.

747 said...

WWJD -dig it

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Cool Gary!!

Hope to read a lot about it in coming PB (my favourite bike mag after SB)

Great photo there exiting the pit with TT Hero and Black Arrow!

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Came to think of the that gas tank lives a much more exciting life now on the Black Arrow rather than lying around in a dusty scrapyard in Sweden... :-)

David Monaghan said...

Saw you and your very cool looking bike mate, was a good day yesterday. Good effort getting down there, I'm sore today!

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hi David
I didn't want to sound like I was bleating, but being self-employed etc, it's not always the easiest decision to say 'Screw it' I'm having the day off. Glad I did though. And glad you enjoyed it. How cool is John McGuinness?

Paul Baleta said...

Great decision Dood... some other things can wait... this couldn't :-) I am envious!