Thursday, 2 October 2008

Beer! Speedway!

On your way to watch the King's Lynn race on Saturday you could call in at two of Sideburn's favourite shops, both are only a few miles from the Norfolk Arena.

First, Alan Bellham Speedway service in Terrington St Clements. See new Jawa bikes, buy steel shoes, speedway boots, killswitches, hard-facing rods for your worn-out hot shoe... Ring for opening times.

Then go to Beers of Europe, the biggest beer shop we've ever seen. They've got everything (though they are ALWAYS sold out of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, so I have to buy Goose Island). This is part of one aisle, they've got three or four.
Beers of Europe Ltd
Garage Lane
King's Lynn
PE33 0BE

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